Thursday, July 29, 2004

Starbucks is evil (or How to get Tagged by Government Crawlers, by the Paranoid People)

Quick intro: I'm working for 10 weeks at Glasgow Uni in the Computing department, but at the moment my supervisor/boss is at a conference, and has left me with nothing to do. So today I got to work at 1pm (I was out last night and felt no great need to live through a hangover at my desk), and did nothing but check emails and read blogs.

Cut to 4pm, and I head for a coffee break (break from?) with Rachel and Stephen, where I'm convinced over a creamy mocha to make my own blog.

So here we are.

A bit more of an intro: Check my About Me page (which will exist at some point I'm sure!) to find out what you probably already know. I've just finished a degree in Computing Science at Glasgow Uni, and have signed up to spend 10 weeks doing evaluations on my fourth year project. I'm into the third week, and not making too much progress, but I will at some point! I'll post here links to the system as and when it's available to the wide world.

What to expect: The usual blog capers - What I've done recently, etc. This is likely to be a censored version of that though, as I've always been sceptical of airing deep and meaningfuls to the masses.

You're more likely to find out here how drunk I was during the weekend, what's on my playlist at the moment and what's keeping me busy in the real world.

Playlist: As I just said, this is likely to be a regular feature, since I'm quite the music man. Currently playing are:

Violent Silences: Rico - Recently released second album from the waxing weegie.
The Union of Souls: 3 Colours Red - Another new release, getting extra heavy play since I was at their gig at King Tut's last night, which I enjoyed more than usual. Pete's gone and grown himself a beard, putting him halfway between a tramp and Dave Navarro! A quick scan of the net shows that photos of this aren't yet available.
Grace: Jeff Buckley - Procured from my sister for a debut listen finally.
Cultura: Breed 77 - Hispanic flavoured metal. Very good album
Coral Fang: The Distillers - Punk with style for a change. I'm not into much in the way of punk, but these guys (and girl - who could forget Brodie) know what they're doing now. Also feeds my love of strange 10 min+ songs attached to the end of CDs.

Coming Soon: My musicSite - a database of all my CDs, records, etc. and all the concerts I've ever been to. The DB is nearly complete, but I'm still trying to find a host for it.

Since I've run low on things to say, plus it's 17:06 and I haven't even registered on a blog site yet (this post is brought to you by Notepad (btw, why did they change the font used in Notepad?)), I'll stop now.


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