Thursday, July 29, 2004

Money Cannot Buy This Round

Finally got some work to do (now that my supervisor's back, I've suddenly realised I could've been working and not dossing about), though seeing others doing Scottish Football Association helps ease the conScience.

I should maybe mention 2 other things that will appear in this blog:
1. Me being totally conceited with the words I use - words like conceited, procured and stotter will appear often and without any guidance to the reader of their meaning: some will be proper English, so a quick trip to will help you there; others will be Scots/Doric, and there's very little in the way of online representation for this beautiful, soon to die language. If you're sickin' a meaning, wheech yer haun up and the teacher will gie ye a belter o' a kleip roon' the lug. Sorry!

2. Lots of references to music and lyrics - chances are every post will have a title following this idea. I'm afraid it's the way my mind works - always wanting to work lyrics into a conversation, but I can't think that quickly. But when typing a post, I have plenty of time to be annoying!

Today's tunes: Deftones, Cecil, Manics, Kyuss, Rico and some Garbage later.

Found a host for my website at, but their control panel is hideous and I can't get anything to work yet.


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