Sunday, August 01, 2004

iWill have a iPod, oh yes, iWill have an iPod

I have just started eating into my recent paycheck with a purchase at It seems strange that Amazon and Apple are the only places I could find the fourth generation model. It took me a while to decide on buying the iPod, but I'm sure it'll be worth it - it's just a shame that most of my CDs are still back in Aberdeen. Plus I hope I can handle a mere 12 hour battery life - I'm used to leaving my MD walkman for a week without charging it.

I've finally got webspace and a domain for my website sorted out. I hadn't planned on spending money on it (I've not spent money on software in many years, only hardware and net access), but caved when every host I came across offering PHP and MySQL either rejected my hosting request or turned out to be really poor.

The domain isn't fully registered yet, so there's no point giving out the address. Also, the content needs serious work! Instead, I'll let you peruse the deaths of many teddy bears:

Ready, Teddy, Death

I just remembered seeing a news report about the upcoming US election, and Kerry's tour of select states. There was some muppet in the crowd who was holding a home-made sign which read "Thats my boy". It's probably the first time that person had been on TV, they'd made international broadcasts, and they had such poor grammar!

Playlist: Machine Head, Mark Lanegan Band, Eleven. Expect this to become much fuller once the iPod arrives!


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