Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Terms, Conditions, and a Sizeable Wait Apply

This morning I won a console game with a bottle of Lucozade! They don't specify the console or games selection the prize is from, and the delivery deadline is April, so it could be a while till I get my Sonic game for the Megadrive! Ideally I'd have won Driver 3, though I'd settle for anything half decent for the PS2.

My work-time listening has changed quite a bit recently - instead of listening to minidiscs and burned CD collections, I've been on TotalRock a lot.

I decided yesterday that going to the gym after work just to use a treadmill (as I have done a couple of times recently) was a bit of a waste considering the good weather and the distance between work and home (about 3 miles as the crow flies). So yesterday I changed into shorts in my office and jogged home (with frequent breaks into walking). A few things to note from this:

1. I take ages to cool down after exercise - even after a cool shower I'm still beetroot and feeling the heat
2. Even though it was overcast yesterday, I was quite hot running home so I doubt I'll chance it when it's sunny (I even ended up with a minor layer of sunburn)
3. A lot of Glaswegians find the idea of a pale-white/blue skinned man jogging and looking fair puggled rather funny, and will discuss this with friends. But never mind them - I'm getting fit(?), they're getting fat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pale blue Scottish person running through glasgow? Surely that can't be too unusual!

Where's your embarrasing photo?

Suppose I'll leave you guessing as to who posted this...

12:42 am  

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