Friday, August 13, 2004

Happy Black Days, Here's The Summer

I took a stand against the stifling summer (it stifles me - I'm from Aberdeen, and not used to positive figures on a thermometer) in Glasgow the other day, by buying a little desk fan for my office. Now all is breezy.

I know that I've always been good at getting song lyrics wrong, and Manics songs are a prime example of a singer I generally can't understand. But near at the end of the song Epicenter is a little piece I was certain I had pegged, and was going to title this post with:

Happy Birthday, Here's the Summer

This seemed perfect for Craig's birthday being today (HB2U), and for the fan purchase. But I try to avoid eggy faces, so checked the lyrics first. Damn.

The Site: I've managed to get a bit more work done on my website, though it's still not close to finished - I need some serious time with a decent connection and a decent machine, which is not an easy combination to find these days. Broadband may seem a fantastic thing, but if it's connected to a machine that would have trouble keeping up with hair growth, it's not so good. And the uni has the admin IP for my host blocked, so I'm scunnered there as well.

Anyway, since the site's domain is now registered, here comes a link:

Weekend (5 Long Days): Looks like my weekend is going to be busy. Tonight is Craig's birthday bash, with dinner at Ashoka (a curry house, which thankfully does a sweet and sour dish, as I'm not a curry man) then some drinks afterwards. The drinking can't be too heavy for me since: a) I got tanked last week and ended up with my head in Stephen Strowes' lap (there are photos to prove this! When I get copies, they will be made available here); b) I have to get up early on Saturday for...

A trip to Aberdeen to see the boys, and maybe the girls too if I actually remember to get some texts out. But the main reason for going up North is...

A visit to Inverness on Sunday. My cousin Gail just had a baby boy, named Liam, so I'm going up to visit with my sister (who's heading up the road to Aberdeen with me,a and so giving me a lift) and the folks. The bad news is my sister is staying in the North until Monday, but I can't get Monday off, so I have to get a 3.5 hour bus from Inverness to Glasgow on Sunday.

Teenage Mutant Mocking Turtles: Last night I went to Waxy's with my flatmates Kristen and Hogie for a friend of their's birthday, and to see the Mock Turtlenecks - a duo who play loads of upbeat covers on acoustic guitar. They came out with a few decent tunes, but concentrated too much on Barenaked Ladies. Apart from that, and sitting right in front of a speaker, they were pretty good. The big problem with sitting in front of a speaker is I couldn't hear anyone else around me, and I'm generally poor at hearing in pubs at the best of times.

I'm sure I'll start blaming my iPod for this - it would have been nice if you could program your own equalizer settings, but you can't, so I'm stuck with the Rock EQ which seems to lose almost all the bass.

PS: I found out last night that I got funding for my Masters in Aberdeen. So I'll definately be getting paid a fair chunk of cash for the year. Yay for me!


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