Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Idea: Collaborative Jukebox

I owe this idea to Emma, who mentioned last night having listened to a lot of Stereophonics recently, and had then heard it in 3 consecutive pubs she'd been to in the last week. I think I might've also heard the idea somewhere else before, though I'm not sure.

The idea is for everyone to store on their mobile phone a list of their favourite bands or songs. Obviously space is an issue but there's far too many obstacles to this idea at the moment for it to work yet. Give it a few years!

So, everyone in a pub has their favourite songs listed on their phone, and the pub's jukebox is able to discover devices (eg. through bluetooth) and retrieve these lists. It then builds a profile of the audience from this, and uses this information and some general genre info supplied by the bar (ie. the type of music they normally play) to choose what songs to play.

Whatever gets played is almost guaranteed to please someone in the bar, and it could be a great ice-breaker: when Britney Spears starts playing in the local biker bar, the secret pop fans can be singled out and chucked out. Everyone wins!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this idea, mobile phone stealing bikers beware though! But - just a thought since I don't understand bluetooth - if they can get the songs off via blutooth some someone access your naughty photographs as well???!!

Suz x

2:47 pm  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

Yeah, I never said it was perfect, but you'd have to make the system trustworthy, so it would only get access to your music profile, not your questionable photo collection!

3:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some form of ratings system like RINGO would do the trick??!! you've been at the edwards notes again my man. lol Great idea though, even if a pub only did it at certain times of the week it would be a pretty interesting experiment!


10:53 am  
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