Thursday, June 16, 2005

In Radiohead's Honour

I picked up a copy of the new Foo Fighter's album earlier this week, but am only now getting around to my third listen. It's been pushed aside by my need to listen to a lot of The Wildhearts before this weekend's Ginger show in Glasgow.

Anyway, I'd heard part of the In Your Honour a couple of weeks ago at Gaz's house, and as soon as it came on I thought I knew the first song. The starting riff was definitely stolen from somewhere, but I couldn't place it. The song was played again a bit later on and I tried really hard to focus on what my mind told me should follow it, but failed.

After being pained by this for two weeks, the answer finally revealed itself, and I'm annoyed I'm not the first to spot it. The riff is stolen from Sulk by Radiohead (from The Bends). Go away and think about it. Stick your dusty Bends CD/MP3 (if they can get dusty) on if you must, then realise I am right. Warning: this totally taints the quality of the first song on the Foos' new album.

I was expecting something different from the Foo Fighters this time: "One loud, one not so loud" is what the CD case proclaims. Having heard the first Foos album, and Dave's recent Probot adventures in metal, I was expecting the first CD to be really heavy, rough-edged thrashy songs, and the second to be at the same pitch as One By One or The Colour And The Shape. Instead, the first CD reflects the old style and the second CD is even quieter than that. Not so good.

It's not all bad though - the second CD actually works quite well, and Taylor seems to be able to handle singing fairly well. Will be interesting to see if he switches places with Dave at T In The Park for a song or two.


Anonymous Gary Fleming said...

I haven't heard CD2 yet, but CD1 did disappoint expecting (as like you) some proper rock, rather than the half-hearted, generic pish that was present. Note that one of the songs (near the middle I think, though I was drinking and not paying attention) rips off the "Break-out" guitar and drum parts.

9:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listened to the first disc in the shop. It occurred to me from the first second on this was Radiohead. And yes, it spoilt it for me... Did they do that by accident....?

12:33 pm  

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