Monday, July 04, 2005

Tonight the BMI Shines

I'm just off the phone with BMI, who have surprised me by having decent customer care.

I booked flights for to and from London for the Nine Inch Nails concert at the end of next week. Iain Wood's been kind enough to give my 3 friends and me some floor space for the night of the concert, and I gave him details of the flights so he could help us get around. He pointed out that our return flight was far too early (8:55am), and we'd be hard pushed to make it.

Very true - I'd obviously forgotten about 1 hour advanced check in at airports, the sheer size of London, and that I might like some sleep after the concert. So I went about changing the return flight time.

BMI's website: select a new time, get a bit shocked by their hidden costs at every turn, enter credit card details, get confirm... No, technical difficulties, come back later or tech support

BMI's tech support: "We can make the booking for you." Great, but the price quoted is more than what's on the website. "You should call the booking line."

BMI's booking line: "Tech support gave you the right price. If you want the website price, use the website(!). Wait a day or two then try again."

BMI's website: select the same time, get a bit shocked by the jump in price by over £100. Panic a bit.

BMI's customer care: I phoned to explain the situation and sweet-talk a discount from them, but the phone's battery died while on hold!

Email customer care: "All the above has happened, can I still get the original price? I have screenshots as evidence(!)"

And after all that, a phone call to say that they will only charge me the standard change of flight charge, so I'm quite well off for that. Commendable practice by BMI.


Anonymous GaryF said...

The airline business is amazing: they only fuck you in the ass, rather than the threatened painful anal fisting, and you end up charmed by it.

7:40 pm  

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