Friday, June 17, 2005

Head Like A Hole

There is a certain lecturer, who also holds a position of power, at Aberdeen Uni that seems to have a real problem with the concept of time. When lecturing he would arrive late for every lecture, then started giving us grief about us turning up late.

Our course has a rule that all assessments are given back to the students with marks and comments attached within 3 weeks. Most of the time lecturers missed this mark by a week or two, but our friend was 10 weeks late, returning marks one day before the module's exam (so if my understanding of some basic part of the course was wrong, and he told me so in his assessment comments, I'd have one day to re-learn it).

His latest dive into temporal obscurity was an email sent today to inform us that we must attend a seminar on Monday morning. Normally you could expect our class to be around on a Monday, but only during taught modules. I'd imagine a few people on the course are taking a break this weekend and don't plan on being in the country on Monday. I'm actually heading to Glasgow for the weekend and had considered staying until Monday. Others might have arranged meetings with people for their individual projects at the time of the seminar. One working day is not enough time to set a compulsory seminar for.

Of course the seminar's speaker has probably known for weeks if not months when they are going to be talking to us, so there's no reason we couldn't have been given more warning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No real surprises there then. Aberdeen Uni Computing department are always poor with these things.

I'm pretty sure I can guess the lecturer, he was always the worst!


1:20 am  

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