Saturday, July 16, 2005

Idea: Music Listening History

I am still addicted to Audioscrobbler, or as addicted as someone can be to a page of statistics. Just about every time I listen to music on my laptop I go there to see my recent listening habits. I was chuffed when I hit 2000 song plays, and when all 50 of my Top Artists had been played at least 10 times. I visit the page so much I actually donated to it. All very sad, I know!

Anyway, you can download the data for everyone's past listening stats from the site, and I'm toying with the idea of yet another graphics-related project. This one would use SVG (a nice graphics format) to display the relative popularity of an artist for a given user over time. It would show, for example, how I listened to Nine Inch Nails a lot more when their new album came out, and again in the days around the concert in London on Thursday (I'll write up about that soon, I'm sure).

You could select 10 artists from your history and get a comparative line graph of when you listened to them. And since everyone's data is open to the public, you could combine this with a comparison against general trends. Using SVG would allow you to update the graphs really quickly.

Just to clarify, I'm still working on my Masters (honest). These ideas are just floating around my brain, so I may as well write them down in case I forget them.


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