Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Recommended Dose

It's just over a week until I will be in a very large field enjoying T In The Park 2005. I saw the near-complete line-up advertised the other day, so I've sketched out who I'm planning to see from the three main stages. The style on this blog is extremely annoying (I planned to change it ages ago but never managed it), so the simple act of making a table had to be put in a separate file: Chosen Acts.

Feel free to belittle my choices!


Anonymous Gary Fleming said...

Isn't it actually a month until T In The Park, rather than a week? :P

I recommend seeing Biffy Clyro (main stage) and yourcodenameis:milo (X Tent). Ooft, Fickle Public are playing the the T Break stage. They are highly recommended if they don't clash. Kinda a mix of Sonic Youth style feedback-as-instrumentation and extremely tight fast modern rock. One of the best bands to come out of the Scottish rock scene in years.

11:00 am  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

Very true, it is a month. Think I was getting harrassed by the poor style support and other things pressing me for time that I just typed pure nonsense.

Unfortunately Biffy clash with Eagles of Death Metal, who are just too funny and entertaining to pass up, even if it is at about 2pm.

11:08 am  
Anonymous Gary Fleming said...

Are you sure there is a clash? Just because they're on the bill around the same time isn't any indication at T In The Park. Besides, as good as all the other Kyuss spin-off bands are, EoDM are absolute garbage. Josh should stay away from the drums.

10:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JUDAS! EoDM rule!

Granted I haven't actually bought the album yet but that's just a matter of time and money, but everything I've heard of theirs is fantastic.

Also, J Ho is great on the drums. Not a proper metal or even rock drummer but all his stuff on Desert Sessions and other Albums has always been good.


p.s. Wayhay! I actually remembered to put my signature down!

3:23 pm  

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