Monday, October 17, 2005

Ships That Sink

A lot has happened since my last post. I've been spending a lot of time trying to find a job, and have also been working for my dad doing basic accounting and data entry.

The job front went quiet for a while, but when I started working for my dad things suddenly took off. I managed to get 4 interviews within a week, 3 of them in Edinburgh. Since two of these interviews were arranged by the same recruitment agency, they managed to get them on the same day and to drive me between the offices (which were about 6 miles apart). In fact, all 3 Edinburgh interviews fell on Monday of last week.

So I drove to a Park & Ride just above the Forth (Ferrytoll in case you're wondering), then bussed into the city centre. One interview in particular went really well, with the boss saying he was really impressed with me. By the time I had reached the Park & Ride car park again on the way home, I'd been offered the job, and given a day to think about the position.

Given the long day spent travelling and talking, by the time I got home I was pretty shattered, but still managed to decide that I would take the job, so I phoned the next day to accept. The position was set to start on the 31st of October, so I had just over 2 weeks to find a flat or a room in a flat.

The process of unregistering from countless job websites is not an easy one. I spent much of Tuesday doing this, helping to lighten the load on my inbox and RSS reader. I also turned down a second interview with an Aberdeen company, and cancelled registrations with local agencies.

I spent the weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) down South with Fiona, celebrating her parents' anniversary. While there, I got 2 phone calls from recruiters looking to set up phone interviews with me, which I turned down. One was with Amazon.

On Friday, my soon-to-be-boss phoned with bad news. The company had just lost 2 big contracts, and have to lay off some of their existing programmers. Bad news for the company, and bad news for me, since they can't take me on if they're making redundancies.

I was thankfully able to get some emails out swiftly to some recruiters, most notable Amazon, and get myself back into the job market, though I couldn't do much without my laptop and a decent connection. I'm now back in the market fully, and have caught up on most of what passed me by in the past week.

Another saving grace was that I hadn't had enough time to find a flat and sign a lease, as that could have been extremely costly. Also, the company was able to give me a week's salary to soften the blow.

Outside the working world, I managed to catch up briefly with some old friends in Glasgow. I managed a 30 minute meet-up with Paul and Joe in the afternoon, and met up with a large number of people from my Glasgow course and Summer jobs in the evening. Meetings were too brief, though, and I aim to make it down again soon, jobs and everything else permitting.


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