Friday, September 09, 2005

Masters Of Reality

Wednesday was the last day of my Masters course at Aberdeen. All that remains is the mark for my project, and graduation in November.

The hand-in time for the dissertation was 12pm, so the fun started soon after. Lunch at the Bobbin, crazy night-time bowling at the beach, dinner at TGI Fridays, nightcap at Slains. Not much to report on from that night, just a last chance to have fun with the guys from the course.

I've really enjoyed my year at Aberdeen. The social side of the course was brilliant, and I'll miss that lab and all that went on there.


Anonymous killgORE said...

Ah.. the hoffing the huffing and discussing wether or not Gaz is a cheat (and indeed if he should stop looking at the boys)

12:46 pm  

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