Sunday, September 04, 2005

Familiar Realm

Since I've pretty much finished my project (the hand in date for the dissertation is Wednesday, and I'm just waiting for my supervisor to finish his final proof-read) I decided to spend a bit of time on my website, just in case I need to give the address out in interviews.

So I updated the style, making it actually display reasonably well in Firefox. I also added my first assessment from the masters course - SilverStream. I thought setting up an account on MyJavaServer would be simple, but their architecture doesn't seem to meet any standards at all, so there was a lot of fickering about involved. I've not tested it fully yet, so there's bound to be a few links not pointing in the right direction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having to wait for Ernesto? Never!


10:57 pm  
Anonymous killgORE said...

So.. Whats that site doing then ?

12:50 pm  

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