Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sporadic Movement

I've just changed domain names for my website. I decided to do this a while back. I don't like the "rebootmenow" moniker much anymore, and thought it a bit childish to take into the more professional world I'll hopefully reach soon.

So, once the DNS servers catch up, my site will be at I don't have time just now to redo the content, but it should improve over time. I hope to redesign what already exists, and add a working copy of the system I used in many assessments this year. I'll put it up in Java then in PHP assuming I find time to rewrite it.


Anonymous killgORE said...

What website is that ? "charlie says" as a live blog ? Would be interesting !! But it is hackers paradise.

12:06 pm  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

No chance. I don't ever want to see Charlie Says again I don't think.

It'll be the movie rental site I made for the first 4 modules. It's my brilliant money-making scheme. All I need is backing from every major movie production company, and I'll be set for life!

1:41 pm  

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