Friday, November 18, 2005

Proper Job!

After two months of relatively hard slog, I've managed to secure a job. It's with a very well known e-commerce company. I'm sure you know them. But I don't want to stick their name up for fear of being found amid search results. Trust me, this job will be AMAZing actiON.

I'm well chuffed!


Anonymous Paulo said...

Congratulations. You fat handed TWAT.

a-m-a-z on.

9:15 am  
Anonymous Jordan said...

Yeah I agree with him.

Well done Spanner where abouts you working?

1:46 pm  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

The job's in Queensferry, so I've got to find some digs now.

10:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done mate.


1:20 pm  
Anonymous Jordan said...

North or South? are u in FIFER land?

8:17 pm  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

South, so I'm just outside of the Kingdom.

10:56 am  

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