Thursday, August 19, 2004

Arbeiten fur Alles

Some good news from the fray this week is that Julie got a job. She's working for at least 3 months in Carlisle, and getting paid handsomely for it too.

Meanwhile Rachel is in Germany, erm, enjoying the Germans I imagine. I've failed to teach her any German with my crypticity (is that a word? say's no, but I'll keep using it until Oxford have no choice but to include it) in emails, so it's just as well most German's speak English anyway.

Back in my world, I had a fairly good time at the weekend. Friday was Craig's birthday, which involved a curry at Ashoka (haggis pakora rule!), drinks in Oran Mor, some korma-coloured projectiles from Craig shortly after 2 Sambucas and shortly before his exit, and the remaining sailors (and me) drinking on, at the same table beside Craig's work of art on the floor, until closing.

One thing I must mention about Friday night is that one of the (few) lasses there, Sam, told me she was vegetarian except for fish "because they don't have feelings". This comment flew totally over my head until Monday lunchtime, when Nirvana Unplugged arose on my iPod, and the lyric "It's okay to eat fish cause the don't have any feelings" came up.

It annoyed me that someone had done what I always want to do (work song lyrics into conversation), and I didn't even realise. If I tried to do it I'd just spout out whatever song was in my head. ("You know that you can and will lick my doo.")

On Saturday I went out in Aberdeen for a few drinks with Keith and Peter, but I for one was shattered after trying to catch up on sleep for the last week, so we didn't last long. We ended up in Exodus, listening to the most hideous collection of indie I can remember hearing a DJ subject people to. This is why it's always better to go home on a Friday - Saturday's suck in Aberdeen.

Sunday came along, and I got to see my mother's side of the family, including the new addition, Liam Thomas Arris (this may well earn Liam his first Google hit). Cute doesn't quite describe him! Aww, aww, aww.

This week's been quite quiet so far. I got contact lenses on Monday, after swithering about them for about a year. They're a trial set for a week, and I can only wear them a few hours a day, but they seem to be improving. The only problem is that I've been told I can't wear them for more than 10 hours even when my eyes are used to them, so I don't see much point in keeping them unless perhaps toric lenses are different in this respect (I have an astigmatism so may need funcy (translate: expensive) lenses!).


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