Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dampfentlüftungsöffnung (Steam Vent)

Isn't the German language great for amazingly long words? Like Welsh, without losing your tongue somewhere near your tonsils (just kidding).

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to vent steam, not discuss foreign linguistics. I'm nearing the end of my summer job, and my boss is really pushing me to get a frankly ridiculous amount of work done in a week.

Earlier in my placement I had little to do, as I'd been left with very little and my boss was away for a couple of weeks. It was annoying having to twiddle my thumbs in a wee office on my own, but I was happy to pay back the wasted time with overtime later on.

So now it's later on, and it's quite clear that the mass of overtime I'm putting in is not going to come close to finishing all set before me.

Today my boss phoned me to go over what I'd done so far, and to give me yet more work. I wrote a paper on my 4th year project, and it's been accepted (on the third attempt) to a conference. The conference is in Miami, and the authors are invited to give a presentation of the paper. My boss wants me to prepare something for this.

I'm quite happy to do this, as a trip to Miami would be nice. It would be in the last week of term which would not be very good timing at all, so it would depend on what the workload at that point was like. Chances are I wouldn't be going at all.

But my boss (apologies for this static referrer to him, but I'm not naming names right now!) is currently in America, and chances are he'd like to go to the conference. I build a system. I write a paper, with input from him in the form of comments after each draft. I write a presentation for the conference. He gives the presentation. Everyone thinks he did all the work. Nice!

So I'm a bit annoyed by that, and will definately check if he intends to give the presentation himself or not before I work on it.

Helping the kiddies: Yesterday I was (after a last minute recruitment) roped into helping out at the uni's open day. It was actually quite enjoyable telling these kids what to expect and generally being looked to for help. Just a shame I didn't know the answers to half the questions! I got a free geek-shirt out of it that will make many jealous, I'm sure.

(I realise the irony of complaining about not having enough time to finish my summer job, after taking hours off to help with the open day, but I'd say it was justified)


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