Thursday, September 02, 2004

Form a Band, Learn the Fucker

The Velvet Revolver gig was something to remember and no doubt about it. It started off with Backyard Babies (I heard there was another support band earlier, but getting in early enough for them would've been tough with the queue outside). I knew I recognised their name from somewhere - turns out they were meant to support The Wildhearts on their last tour, but pulled out and were replaced by Therapy?. Not a bad thing at all since Therapy? are so good.

But I can see why they were the original support - they have a similar sound to The Wildhearts, and during their set they played a track called Star War. This is their version of Star War Jr from the Super$hit 666 mini-album. SS666 is a band I got into due to Ginger, The Wildhearts' singer, being their singer as well. But the guitarist from Backyard Babies is also in SS666. Hearing the track live was really good.

Then after a fairly long wait, we got VR. You would never believe the Scott Weiland would be so animated on stage, coming from a grunge band, but he really was. They managed to slot in 2 Stone Temple Pilot songs, 2 Guns 'N' Roses songs and what I think was a Nirvana cover too. I'd been expecting GNR, since they're the more popular band, but getting to hear STP was really good.

This is where you notice why I'm not a music reviewer - I can't get more descriptive than "really good"!


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