Wednesday, September 08, 2004

This guy's built a glass guitar with a fish in it!

Last night it was "announced" - someone on The Wildhearts mailing list leaked - that Ginger will be playing an acoustic show at the Barfly next Saturday. In tow will be Random Jon Poole (The Wildhearts' current bassist) and Hot Steve (roadie with the best name ever).

I've seen the same line-up before in Edinburgh at last year's Fringe, but that was a short set due to it being free (and support for Athlete of all monstrosities). This time around it should be a full-length show. What a way to leave Glasgow (it's my last night in town :-( )!

So in my last week here I have Rico on Thursday, the last ever QM night with the lab folks on Friday, then Ginger on Saturday. Glasgow is trying its best to keep me here! I'm certainly starting to appreciate the lack of bands that tour north Glasgow - I'll be down the road every month just to keep up with the faves.

I'm expecting Soulwax to tour soon for their new album. It's good to hear them going in yet another direction. Chris Goss-licked rock to poppy little tunes to dark electronica.

Things to do: I now have to redo two of my blog parsers on my website, after Chris altered his style and Matt moved his blog. Some people have no consideration for others!

As far as the rest of the website goes, it's been quite static recently. Still to do:

Get the style fully tested in multiple browsers
Force the style on this blog
Get XHTML compliant
Clean everything - I want this to be a quality site (I should've started with this, but nuts to that)
Complete the DB and add more features to it


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