Saturday, August 21, 2004

What does Terry Pratchett say SGM stands for?

After a mention last night of the Geek Test, I went and took the test today. My score was 20%, classing me as a standard geek. This seems fair enough - I know people who fit the geek bill far better than myself. Especially since the site referred to Geek Code, which I looked up, and tried to follow but the page of instructions was too long for me to continue caring.

The site also included a few definitions of the word Geek, and a link to Wikipedia's definition. It turns out that most geeks are thought to have something called Asperger's syndrome, a weak form of autism. Some of the description of this was quite startling:

"Asperger's Syndrome involves an intense level of focus on things of interest and is often characterized by special (and possibly peculiar) gifts"

Sounds a bit familiar!


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