Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The End Is Nigh

I'm getting close to the end of my summer job - just 2 days, and half an hour, left. I can't say I won't be glad to leave the job, but I will miss the kids in the department over summer.

My workload has decreased since my last work-rant. It turns out that a lot of what I was being asked to do didn't need to be done because I'd already done it when I worked for the uni last year. So I'm a bit more relaxed now.

My work time has mainly been taken up with evaluations on VideoSqueak (by the way, if you catch this post before Friday night you can access the site at the URL I gave a while back to see it for yourself). It's really annoying going through the logs and noting everything down. My own fault for not thinking before stealing someone else's logger.

My evaluation participants included one character referred to by many as Scary Man. He was forced into participating by my supervisor (something I was totally against - it effectively cancels the idea of "volunteering" for the experiment). Anyway, he just questioned everything about my system. "Why use your method when there are other methods out there?" Some really contradictory and stupid ideas in amongst all he spouted. Nice guy!

And as a wee follow up to a previous post, my boss does want to do the Miami presentation instead of me. Grr!

Played on the Big Screen: I went to The Village last week, which was surprisingly good - I'd heard mixed reviews on it, but at the same time thought it couldn't falter much as a Shyamalan film.

It was really refreshing to see a film that barely reflected its trailer. A prime example that I think will be different to this is AVP - the trailer for that film needed very little. Perhaps a shot of Predator, a shot of 1+ aliens, Alien and Predator on screen at the same time, and maybe a bit of witty banter from the human cast. 20 seconds at most. No need to give too much away, because the combined audiences of these film legacies is enough to build a substantial beach head (or initial consumer group for those not from a DEMMS/commercial background), then word of mouth would do the rest (I'm assuming they haven't botched up the film. I mean, how could they?).

And tonight it's off to The Terminal with Rachel, one lass it will be hard to say goodbye to this weekend. Do not fear Rach, I will visit!

I know I had more today, but it's gone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there - just discovered your site accidentally through Google - glad to see there's no bitching about me, heehee!!

Christine (the big sis) xx

5:06 pm  

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