Monday, September 13, 2004

Smells Like Yer Maw

Friday night last week involved the normal plan - go to Curlers for some scran, then on to the QM for a night-long drinking session.

Aside from one of the nights when Cheesy Pop was held in the Food Factory, last week was the first time I'd remained in possession of control over my body by the time we headed down to the cheese, so I actually had to dance. The reason for my unseasonable near-sobriety was that I was wearing my contacts. I had only worn them when drinking once previously, but on that night 4 drinks had been enough to take my sight away. So on Friday I was drinking slower and adding soft drinks to my system now and then.

At midnight, when we went downstairs, my contacts started drying out again, and I was ready to call it a night, but Chris convinced me to just go to the lab and change to my glasses then come back. Not a bad idea really, as it meant I could get my bag and leave it in the QM's cloakroom, avoiding another trip to the lab at 2:30.

So now back in the QM, watching my friends on the floor, I realised I was near sober and couldn't stand against a wall all night. One of my failings would have to be needing plenty of C2H5OH lubrication before I feel comfortable on a dance floor. Something about all the other people in the room seeing you dance like a fool. It's not that my dancing gets better with more drinks, I just care less about the roving eyes.

Anyway, after one of the many Jack and Coke purchases, Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit came on, which I could barely turn down. When you like the music I do, you have to accept some things:

i. Most clubs will only play the old standards like Nirvana, Guns 'N' Roses and Rage.
ii. People will expect you to dance to these tracks.

This second point didn't happen last night, but I do have memories of being dragged up for these tracks on many past ocassions. I do like the songs, but overplay combined with them not being the best to dance to in my opinion (with the exception from the above list of Rage) mean I'm not keen on them in a club setting.

So up I get, as Chris leans across and starts singing in my ear. He's making up lyrics as he goes, which are all about him and "yer maw" enjoying each others company. Absolutely hilarious stuff, which I commented on at the time simply with "How come you aren't on television"?

Anyway, a good night was had by many if not all present, and we should get something quite spectacular going on this Friday.


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