Thursday, September 23, 2004

The More Things Change...

Yesterday I had my introduction to my new degree, and it went quite well. There were a couple of unusual points brought up:

  • We're expected to take our own laptops in to uni every day, since there were about 35 people in today, plus a lot more on the list, and only 14 machines. Wonder if I could get used to carrying my laptop around all day.

  • The department is closed at 11pm, so even though this course is "harder than fourth year", all nighters are not an option

  • All lectures, seminars and tutorials are held in the same room - our lab

Aside from that, all was well. I ended up in the Bobbin (one of the few pubs near the uni; a place I'd walked by many times but never been in) afterwards with a few of the folk from the course. I'm pretty glad it was quite a relaxed first day - it made it easier to get talking to people. From the people I've met so far, I'm the only one from Aberdeen on the course.

Outside of uni, I've started ripping my CD collection now that I have it in reach, so my iPod should be fit to burst in a couple of days, with many CDs of MP3s waiting for their turn on the white machine.


Blogger Iain Simpson said...

I can imagine that having to leave the lab at 11pm is going to take some getting used to. Often I'd not even go to the lab until after then.. :)

11:12 am  
Blogger Stephen said...

The lab shutting at 11pm is probably why it's harder than 4th year ;)

3:47 pm  
Blogger Scott said...

You're a braver man than I! :o

8:55 pm  

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