Sunday, September 26, 2004

Stairway To Heaven

Tonight I went out with a fair few folk (Note to the English teachers - alliteration works!). I went to Slaines with KG and Pete, where we met Fiona and a large group with her, Dawn (Pete's sister) with her mates, Rhona and her man Dave, and Derek (my 1st, 3rd and 4th year flatmate) and his mates. A very large gathering to say the least.

Anyway, a select few of us went on to the Triple Kirks to have a few more drinks, but KG, Pete and I decided (after a bit of arguing) to go on to Moshulu, where we'd originally intended to go (long story - accept that it won't get told!).

So at Moshulu (Aberdeen's slightly poor answer to the Cathouse; Don't get me wrong, it's a great place, just not quite as good), we met Fiona with her assorted buddies, all out to accompany Fiona's cousin Craig who was visiting from Canada. Many people, majoritavely female, in one spot. I was standing beside this meley for a while, talking with KG and Pete, but ocassionally caught the eye of a sweet lass sitting amongst the others.

Cut to 30 minutes later, and I'm sitting next to said sweet lass. We get talking. We get along really well. We talk about all sorts. From my end at least, there's something going on (I think it was mutual, but what do I know?).

About 2 hours later said girl leaves for home, so I catch up with her at the door and exchange numbers. I think all is well, that I have jumped to the next (only slightly higher) stage.

Then on the way home I break the news that I got said number. I am then told by Pete that the girl has a boyfriend. He had gotten her number about a year previously and found out her relationship shortly afterwards.

So I could potentially be climbing a tree already being scaled by another, but no matter - I will still contact this lass, arrange to meet her and see what happens. If she has a boyfriend, then I'll have to accept that in the blink of an eye, and hopefully take her on as a friend, because she seems a really nice girl - someone I would like to know even if I couldn't be with her.

I'll bet there are at least two female readers of this blog who are thinking "about fucking time" or "good on you" - I'll admit it's been a good while since I made any kind of progress with the opposite sex, even if this is pseudo-progress. All I can say is my innate shyness, which may not be obvious among friends, often hinders me, but I am trying.


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