Sunday, October 24, 2004


Last night I went to various pubs with Keith, Peter and Pete's sisters Dawn and Claire. Not much to comment on except the bus ride home:

The bus was packed, with far more folk on than normal. Keith was sitting next to me by the window, with Pete and Claire in front of us. We got on at Micky D's, and the bus stopped again at Burger King to get pick up more people. Which is when Keith was sick.

He just angled his head towards the wall and let forth his night's intake. He said that he'd have been fine if the bus hadn't stopped. Anyway, he didn't get much on the wall (and managed to clean it up with a tissue), and no one else seemed to notice, so we just stayed there.

When the bus got to Hazelhead (about 15 minutes later), he threw up again, and again no one noticed.

Thankfully it didn't smell (apart from of Irn Bru), and didn't seem to spread anywhere. I spent a good 5 minutes laughing uncontrollably at Keith, which probably didn't help him much, but it was funny how he got away with it (assuming he did - he got off the bus later than me). If only I'd had a camera with me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got off the bus fine and never noticed any comments.

I was sitting there thinking 'Come on get moving there's too many people on already!' when I realised my mouth was full. What else could I do?

I remember noticing Stevo laughing away and asking "What?" and he replied "I just can't believe you did that!" I sat there for a while thinking 'Did What? ...? ... oh yeah! I was sick!'

So I wasn't really with it on the bus ride home.

12:21 pm  

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