Sunday, October 03, 2004

Mars Attacks

The Work: The style of lecturing at Aberdeen so far has been very different to that of Glasgow. For one thing, the lecturer asks questions regularly. And he gets responses! Over the last 4 years, my lectures have been rooms of muted students with the ocassional exceptions who had to bear the brunt of all questions. But not anymore - even I'm offering up answers!

As I've already told many people (my soundbyte for the week), I have a 4500 word essay due on Tuesday, which I'm glad to say is going quite well so far, though I still need to do more research. We have to write critically about an E-Commerce site, and I've chosen CD Wow, a site that I first thought would be well made, but is actually full of holes (not that I'd do much better).

The Play: On Friday I went out with a few old friends, unfortunately requiring that I drop out of a night out with some of the guys on my new course. I thought I'd have a good time, but instead had to sit through drinking games of questionable worth, and sit next to a guy who'd be on my enemy list if I ever had need for one. No need or wish for elaboration, just note that moving back to where you grew up also means moving to where your growth was also stunted.

The Rest: But not all can be bathed in a poor light this week. My hopes from the last post were confirmed, and I met up with the "sweet lass" from Saturday. We had a good time, we will meet again, and I am a happy man. Remember Marty: if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.


Blogger Matt Gemmell said...

Nice work there, chief (re The Rest). Played. :)

7:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean you haven't got a "People to Kill" list?

He only survived the night because by the time you said it was him I was too drunk to care...

Time to put on some lipstick!


10:22 am  

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