Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Not Climbing Up Those Walls

After a little investigation yesterday I found out that there are 2 wall climbing centres in Aberdeen(shire) - one at the Beach Leisure Centre and one out at Peterhead. The Peterhead one's described online as mainly being used for leading (where you attach your rope harness to the wall every few feet while ascending - quite advanced stuff), but the beach sounded promising.

I went down there this morning to find out more (couldn't seem to find a website for the leisure centre, though it's probably buried in the council's site somewhere), and it turns out that it's basically for bored pros/amateurs - there's no renting of equipment, no training/qualified people to help you out, and the wall seems to just be a big slab that was carved up 20 years ago (so it's not easy to improve it if it turns out the original design is poor).

In short, I'm not climbing that in a hurry. I'll bet it's alright for people for know what they're doing (as long as they hug the wall - there's a flat wall opposite it about 5 feet away!), but not for me. I'll just have to wait until my next Glasgow visit.


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