Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pop Quiz, Hotshot

In the last two weeks I've spent just a bit too much time in pub quizzes...

Last Monday I was at Key West (a wee pub in Westhill) for a music quiz, which sounds really good, but I'm only useful for songs in the 80's and 90's, leaving the earlier stuff for my parents to argue over.

Then the day after I was at Hog's Head in Aberdeen for their quiz, with Keith, Keven and Peter, where we managed to finish 13/15, though we've never really done that well there. We went back this week with Iain W and Danielle, but the regular quizmaster was away, leaving some joker with extremely difficult questions. So we finished 5th, with a score of 14/40.

Last night was more successful - Slains Castle's Halloween-themed quiz. Myself and 6 guys from my course were there, together with several WAP-enabled phones. It's safe to say we wouldn't have finished second without a little help from Google and IMDB, but considering the guys who came first dropped about 3 points in the whole quiz suggests that cheating was common that night. Still, I'd prefer to just go with what we know and avoid WAP/text aides.

Outside of pubs for a change, I've finally started the assessment for my second module. Basically we have to make a website using XSLT (XML stylesheets), XSP (JSP/ASP/PHP for XML) and ESQL (SQL for XSPs). Sorry for drowning you in acronyms. I've basically sat through many XML/XHTML lectures, waiting for XSP and ESQL to be taught, which it finally has been. I'm sticking with the same site design from my first module, so I can keep the same design and logic, and concentrate on coding.

I'm not sure what's on the cards for this weekend. I know there'll be a Friday night out with the course as always, and there's word of 2 different Halloween gatherings, but I'm not sure what I'll want to do - I'd rather get through a fair chunk of my assessment before spending 3 days in a drunken stupor.

Next weekend I'll be back in Glasgow, to help my sister move flat, to go climbing again hopefully, and to see the kids I left behind once more. So look out!


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