Sunday, November 28, 2004

And Now Things Get Complicated

On Saturday night I went to the Therapy? concert with my sister and a group of the kids I know from Aberdeen: Fiona+Colin, Flofe, Sarah, Suzanne+Ben and Emily (a new face from down the road somewhere).

The gig was in Moshulu (my normal weekend haunt, only recently offering live acts, perhaps trying to head for Cathouse status), and was very good. Andy Cairns appeared to be heading even further towards being a cartoon version of himself, Michael McKeegan said "fan-fucking-tastic", which is always enough to put a smile on my face, and the set basically rocked. They did neglect Shameless and played much of Troublegum, but I could forgive this since Troublegum is such a masterpiece.

I sang along to many songs, though chose not to join in with chants of "James Joyce is fucking my sister" during Potato Junkie, since Christine was a bit annoyed at me singing it the last time we saw Therapy? in Glasgow!

After the show my sister headed home (still against alcohol after a heavy Garage night out two days earlier), I bought myself a Therapy? beanie to replace the beanie I can't seem to find anywhere, then went next door to The Bassment with the rest of the gang to meet Keith and Peter (they were kicking us out of Moshulu to clear the stage anyway).

About an hour later we went back to Moshulu, but found a queue of people outside waiting for the door to be unlocked. I, like others from the concert, had left my jacket in Moshulu's cloak room, and so was freezing in the nippy Aberdeen drizzle. After 5 minutes my tough-guy facade broke, and I went back to The Bassment for another drink.

I ordered a Jack and Coke, and was given a double for the same price because the barman made me wait while he changed bottles of JD. A nice change to find a pleasant barman, but the glass he gave me was miniscule, and I had only meant to go there for 2 minutes, so the double was downed quickly and painfully.

Eventually we were back in Moshulu (minus Suzanne and Ben, and shortly after Fiona and Colin, as both females had work to do the next day). There were one or two other guys with us at our table, but I never spoke to them, nor could I now pick them out of a line up.

While I'm still cognitive, I should mention I bought a round for the boys and myself at one point, and cleverly chose to go to the bar beside where Andy and Michael from Therapy? were standing. And I got speaking to Andy. And I bought Michael a drink. And they're really nice guys and a refreshing change to the last time I met a band member (Ginger from the Wildhearts - I couldn't think of a damn thing to say to him!).

It was quite funny that I managed to meet these guys without even trying, and the night before I'd seen kids waiting in the cold outside the SECC for autographs from The Darkness that they never got.

And now things get complicated. I was sat at the table in Moshulu next to Flofe, and she was being her usual flirty self. I should perhaps point out that I've known Flofe for about a year, and she's always been quite a sexually aggressive person to meet when she's had a couple of drinks. I didn't really know her well until the start of my new course, obviously because I wasn't in Aberdeen as much as I am now.

So Flofe's being flirtatious, and directing much of this at me. Eventually Peter says "get a room", and so I'm dragged into the chill-out room in Moshulu by Flofe, apparently to freak Peter out.

Instead Flofe and I talked for a while longer, then started kissing.

Aside: This is not easy for me to write. I said when I first started this blog that I probably wouldn't write very personal posts like this because I don't like the idea of the whole world having access to my thoughts like that. Also, I don't yet know what Flofe would say if she found out I posted this - hence it won't get posted until I tell her it's written.

I did not see this coming. Despite us casually flirting all night, I hadn't suspected that Flofe liked me in that way. But here we were, altering our friendship and perhaps getting something more and better from it.

In short, a very good night was had by many, especially me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sexually aggressive after a few drinks? You will learn boy.... Tee hee did you think no-one would read this? Thats so sweet.....


11:05 am  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

I knew people would read it, I just did my best to hide it amongst the other posts!

And I'm learning very quickly I hope!

11:50 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... How long has this been up? I was very bored working on my graphics assessment and randomly started clicking my bookmarks before randomly scrolling down the page.

Got confused when I noticed that there is a new post between The Daftness and More Daftness, and commenced reading.

A few more explanations than I expected, and I reckon you did a good job of casually slotting this one in as I would've expected more posts from your Glasgow lot.

I'm beginning to wonder how bored I am after typing all that... No more work, please!


4:27 pm  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

It was supposed to be casually slotted away - I didn't realise it would land between the Daftness posts, which makes it obvious.

I wrote the post around 29/11/04, but didn't post it until this week.

11:29 am  

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