Monday, November 08, 2004

Title This?

Just spent a slightly unusual weekend down in Glasgow. It started off horribly, with me leaving my phone charging in my bedroom (schoolboy error, as Craig noted). Fortunately, my folks joined me in Glasgow on Saturday to help move my sister from her old flat in Dennistoun to her new flat in Shawlands. Anyway, that meant I managed to get my phone back the next day.

Friday was quite relaxed: got to see Stephen, Ross and Elin, and to catch Alfie at the pics with Rachel and Craig. After the film, we headed for the underground to get back to the West End, but we found a large queue of people getting refunds for their tickets. According to the couple behind us in the queue, there was "an incident" at Kelvinbridge, and staff were waiting for the police to arrive, but all trains were stopped indefinately. The couple then asked (not in unison, but you get the idea) how they could get to Hillhead, and Craig quickly deduced that a taxi would do for us all. So we did, and it did.

Saturday was spent mainly dismantling my sister's very large bed, loading a van full of her furniture, then unpacking it all and rebuilding said bed (there was some driving in between, but you're expected to fill in the holes yourself. Include a high-speed chase with a Renault van and a battered Peugout 106 if you wish - the 106 won).

At night I met Julie for a couple of drinks in the most loud and busy version of Solid Rock I've ever seen or heard. Derek was supposed to join us, but things got complicated and rushed, and phones wouldn't work.

The next day I went climbing with many computing kids, and my dad. He'd mentioned an interest in wall climbing the last time I went, and since he was in the neighbourhood, decided to join us (despite being a bit sore from the previous day's flitting). So that was basically the first time my dad had met a lot of the people climbing that day, and everyone got along fine. I didn't manage as many climbs as I had the last time - perhaps a combination of trying too many tricky walls and lifting big bookcases the day before. Still good fun though.

I've learned that there is a climbing wall in Aboyne (a town about 25 minutes West of me), so I'll probably investigate that quite soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 106 ALWAYS wins - and how dare you call it battered?? Its in fine shape for its age!!

I just hope its still alive, as abandoned it in Anniesland last night!

Christine x

2:36 pm  

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