Tuesday, November 23, 2004

When Two Worlds Collide

Last weekend I managed to end up in the same place as always, but by taking a very different route.

On Friday morning I slept in a bit, took my time showering and dressing, then opened my curtains to discover an inch of snow had fallen overnight. I was certain that I'd be late for uni, but managed to make it in on time (I'm usually about 15 minutes early so that helped).

Anyway, the layer of ice that was developing on the ground during Friday, as well as the chill in the air, meant that a night out in Aberdeen wasn't very appealing. I instead went out on Saturday, with a very vague idea of where I'd end up and with whom.

Pete and I went to the Ambassador for a spot of pool, leaving Keith at home since he was complaining of some kind of illness (wimp). All night long we were trying to arrange to meet people in town, and eventually we headed to The Monkey House (which seemed quite nice, though apparently expensive) to meet Al, Elly and their friends. 2 minutes later we were out the door, heading for Justice Mill which was absolutely packed, and not very inticing anyway (too much disco on the decks). After forcing our way to the bar, we turned back and forced our way to the exit. Such fun!

The next pub chosen was Frankenstein's, which was much quieter and relaxed. We got a quick drink here before Al and Elly went home, leaving Pete and I with their extremely drunk, all-female crowd. I think you know what's coming...

(No you dont.) Pete and I left 5 minutes later and headed for Belmont Street, hoping to find his sister. Unfortunately we couldn't raise her by phone, so instead headed for a swift drink at the Hog's Head while we decided what to do next. Pete had been texting Vicki and Rhona to arrange to meet them for a few hours by now, and I'd been texting Flofe and somehow swayed her and Suzanne into heading out for the night as well.

With the bottled swill drunk, there was still no word from anyone but Flofe, so the next logical step was to meet up with her and Suzanne in Moshulu. A couple more texts took us to Kef in an attempt to see some folk from my course briefly, but a scan of the place left us shaking our heads. Apparently we just didn't see them (a group of about 8 people!).

The choice of Moshulu had been tempting me all night: if we'd stayed with Al's friends we'd have ended up in the Cotton Club or somewhere else unappetising; with Rhona and Vicki the final destination would have been a proper club; Pete's sister would almost certainly have gone to Exodus, which I was in the week before and was pretty bored with it.

By this point, I've been in Aberdeen for about 3 hours and drank 3 pints.

So to Moshulu we went, met the ladies, got a seat and a drink, then we were overrun with computing students! After trying to find them in Kef, I'd told my coursemates I was heading to Moshulu, so they decided to join us. I felt a bit awkward at first, having thrown a bunch of male strangers at Flofe and Suzanne without warning (Pete could fend for himself!), but we all settled down fairly quickly. The boys seemed a bit down, or maybe just less willing to get enthused about Air Guitar night than whatever Liquid was playing that night.

Drinking regime: Jack, Double Jack, Double Jack .. Double Jack, Jack, Water.

I only got up on the floor for one song (a testament to the amount of pish that gets played in Moshulu these days - all the decent tunes are played early in the night when I'm too sober to "dance" and the floor too empty for me to even consider it), but had a pretty good night anyway, chatting to everyone.

After Moshulu, Pete and I went back to Flofe and Suzanne's flat to "continue drinking", a phrase that later was altered to "drinking tea". I crashed on the floor (which was the most comfortable floor I've slept on in many years), and Pete took the mini-couch. In the morning Suzanne made us cheese on toast and we all watched Red Dwarf for while.

A very good night, despite the slow build-up. A lesson to you all is that mixing with two groups of friends at once is nothing to fear, unless you're a particularly two-faced person. For me I think that only extends to my wandering accent that makes me use the word "man" a lot in front of some people, swear a lot in front of others, and use Doric around another group.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"to discover an inch of snow had fallen overnight"

I thought it was a bit more than that... Maybe that's cause I got up an hour or so later.

"leaving Keith at home since he was complaining of some kind of illness (wimp)"

I wanted to go out on Friday it was you who called it off so don't call me a wimp! I'd felt ill all day and got the impression that wandering around not knowing what was going on would be likely so I'm quite glad I didn't go.

10:12 am  

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