Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Singalong to Caffeine Bomb

Another weekend of drink-fueled madness that I'm only just getting round to writing about.

Friday: There were plans to meet some of my course-mates and go to see Bubba Ho Tep, a horror film with Bruce Campbell playing a guy who thinks he's Elvis. Sounded great, but wasn't on at any cinemas by Friday, so we sprung for Coffee and Cigarrettes instead.

And with some last minute drop outs, I ended up at the cinema with only Jamie. We saw the film (a set of short stories, some good, some bad, one totally random), then met up with more people at Slains, where we drank until about 11pm.

Jamie had asked me about Cafe Drummonds before: he'd heard it was a good place for live music, and my experience with the place would agree with that. So when we left Slains, Drummonds was suggested as a place to relax for a while.


There was live music, but it was a heavy metal band. Four guitarists thrashing away; a balding guy with long hair going nuts, singing badly and running around the 50-strong crowd; not quite what the assembled masses were expecting. We stayed for one quick drink, then left for...

The Ministry. Not since I was 17 have I been to this place. They'd revamped it to look better, but it still played nothing but dance and bad remixes. Not my normal choice by any means, but I suggested it so that the other folk would have a good time - there was talk of going to Moshulu but that didn't suit the majority.

I left around 2am to get the next bus home. The place was due to shut at 3, but I'd already been standing at the edge of the dancefloor waiting for something remotely decent to dance to. Plus my friends were up by the wall (essentially a podium for 20 people), so joining them would've required a bravery transfusion (about 7 straight shots of it).

Saturday: A slightly different tack for tonight - proper music for a start!

KG, Pete and I went by Vicki and Rhona's flat, where we had a very sweet VK each, met their dug Mack (the most hyper Westie I've ever met), and got a cheap taxi into town care of Mark.

The ladies and Pedro were dressed for the ocassion, and so felt they would be more at home in Slains (a gothic pub with Halloween stuff on all week) than in Hog's Head (who weren't doing anything special for the weekend).

While in Slains, Keith was propositioned by an amazingly drunk woman. I'd elaborate more, but he's already threatened to post embarrasing comments about my past, so I'll leave it there. Anyway, we stayed in Slains for a while, went to Revolution for a bit, then on to Moshulu, where we met Sarah, Fiona and Susanne.

I'm pretty sure everyone had a really good night, even Vicki and Rhona who were first-timers at Moshulu, and enjoyed the Air Guitar selection played. They also enjoyed pole-dancing with Pete, but that's another story!


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