Tuesday, November 30, 2004

How To Destroy A Country In 10 Days

First off, apologies for not yet posting about Saturday night - there is much to say, but I'm not ready to say it out loud for all to read.

Last night I went with a few peeps from my course to see The Corporation at the Belmont Cinema (which reached temperatures beyond 100F at the end of the film - I don't think the Belmont manages many sell-outs). I wish I'd written this post last night, as I managed to let my mind wander over the film for a while last night.

The film basically told the history of the American corporation, how they are soulless, destructive forces and how we're all basically fucked because of them (thanks!).

I remember roughly this time last year going to a few careers presentations by companies like IBM, Microsoft and BAE. At BAE's talk, they mentioned about 10 minutes in that they made military aircraft (their slideshow seemed to focus on "cutting edge technology", not on burning buildings or corpses), and this revelation was enough to convince me that I never wanted to work for BAE. At the time I basically swore off prospective employers if they were involved in war funding, research and the like.

After last night, the list of companies to avoid has grown. Considerably.

Once again about a year ago a careers advisor told me that I should investigate a companies financial background, etc. if I was considering working for them, to get an idea of how well the company has done recently, where it began, that sort of thing. I did this for the few companies I had interviews with, but never with any conviction.

I shall from now on be checking, long and hard, the background of any large business for the kind of deceitful and disgusting things discussed in The Corporation.

I think part of the problem for my previous lack of interest in who I could end up working for is that I've always taken the path of least resistence in employment and education. During summer breaks, I took the first job offered (partly because getting an offer at all was not easy). At the start of Uni, I took physics to take up credits because I'd done well at it at school, and was fairly confident of getting a good grade with it in first year. I wish now I'd taken German - something I've wanted to pick up again for a good while - even if it meant that my GPA was dragged down a bit.

What no one told me before Uni was that first year doesn't matter. As long as you get a high enough GPA to make it into second year, you're set. There's also the whole learning side to it, but quite a lot of the computing, maths and physics I was taught in first year was repeating te Sixth Year Studies courses from school.

It's probably better that I didn't write this post last night - I've managed to forget some of the train of thought that spawned it, so be thankful that I'm not feeling 100% at the moment - I had a monster of a hangover on Sunday (all day long), that's still with me now.

This is bad news as I'm potentially travelling to Glasgow again this weekend for Lauren's birthday on Friday, then my sister's flatwarming on Saturday. If I still feel off tomorrow, I don't think I'll make it: I'm quite close to boarding the wagon until I feel better, and two drinking sessions without drink may affect that.

Maybe I just need to learn how to enjoy a night out without drink, but that'll never happen, so instead learning when to stop drinking before I get to bedlam status would have to do.


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