Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I Want An Alien For Christmas

My uni term ended on Friday, and the majority of the class has now travelled home for the holidays/exam stress period. I have been revising the last few days, although with little conviction, but I've now stopped until after Christmas at least. I now realise the benefit of having all exams in May/June - revising at this time of year isn't easy to fit in, especially with the libraries not being open normal hours until a week before my first exam.

Fiona went back down south today for the next week (or less), so I'm likely to have more time on my hands over the festive period. Maybe I should take up a new hobby. I spent a good 20 minutes today correcting someone's graffiti in the QM library for grammatical errors and generally talking crap (someone was trying to assert that The Bible is entirely factual because there are 6 billion copies of it and our dating system is based in part on its content - this reminds me that my homework assignment is to find out when computer system clocks start counting from: 00:00 01/01/1970 UTC for JVM).

Things to look forward to: A few drinks on Christmas Eve, family dinner on Christmas day; family+paternal grandparents dinner on Boxing Day, Fiona's return, some fairly heavy drinking on Hogmanay (for a change!).

Oh, and the LOTR 12 disc set for Christmas - I've shown a fair amount of restraint by not buying any of the separate films yet, since I knew this boxed set would appear eventually (I'm also almost as certain that another boxed set will appear in 6 months time, with "brand new extras", but I'll live with that - it's far too common an occurence to bother with).

"I Dream Of Dynamite" - Deckard, who I saw play acoustic a few months ago, but only recently got a copy of this album. A very fine piece of work it is, and difficult to shift from your conscious stream.
"Through The Ashes Of Empires" - Machine Head, with many thanks to Fiona for getting me this. "Days Turn Blue To Gray" has been on Scuzz for a couple of weeks now and is simply thrashing fantastic.


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