Thursday, January 27, 2005

I Am Honestly Honoured

Ever since I've joined the realm of authors, I've been receiving emails from other organisers inviting me to attend their conferences. The following is by far the best I've had, as it seems to have been translated to English for free by AltaVista or some such tool.

A quite academic and splendid international conference ICCI2005 will be held from June 26th to 29th, 2005 in Beijing, Capital of China. We honestly invite you to attend this worldwide conference covering almost all communication and information topics. Your attendance is our honour. In addition, famous professionals, professors, companies and high-tech promotion organization, telecommunication operators, local government will also be our respected guests.
For the most recent progress about ICCI2005, please see the website at, and
As you know, 3G could be a hardly start in China while our conference, the future of 3G is still very fuzzy. Near observation will let you know the truth. Broad band wireless, terrestrial wireless HDTV standard could reach the final, NGN an NGI infrasture could be further clear. Many things are related to the time while our conference.
Finally, honestly invite you to make your contribution to the conference, come to see around this quite fast-developing country to find your opportunities, travel along the old but extremely modern and beautiful cities and landscape.


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