Thursday, February 17, 2005

I Used To Be A Respected Scottish Actor

QOTSA are set to return with a new album in March, and they've got a new single on the go just now. I've now seen "Little Sister" 3 times on TV, and am already sold on it (not that I would have taken much persuading where QOTSA are involved).

Sounds to me like a song that would fit nicely on their first album, if it weren't just that bit crisper. Can't wait to hear the rest of it.

On another note, any fans of Fork Kiernan (one of the Chewin' The Fat and Still Game cast and writers, who was also in the Broadband for Scotland ads (and then was charged for road rage)) might be interested in a programme showing on BBC2 in the mornings. Spook Squad lets a team of kids complete Crystal Maze-style games to defeat a ghost. The main ghost in the castle is played in a very laughable way by Ford.

The show is worth mention even without Ford's appearances, as this morning the host had to find out more about their enemy spirit, so he typed her name into "Ghoul-Gle" (like Google). Well I thought it was funny (more funny than a case-sensitive search engine).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radio 1 have been playing 'Little Sister' every day this week, it does sound very much like early QOTSA - simple but effective chords, kinda wonky robotic sounding solos and plenty half-arsed 'aahs' in the background. The way it should be.


2:21 pm  

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