Thursday, January 27, 2005

Burn "The Big Picture" Night

I have now just about recovered from Tuesday's activities. A 9am exam, the hardest of the course (Glasgow folk: think DAS4) was followed quickly by a trip to the Bobbin for drinks and lunch (the smallest "Big Kahuna Burger" ever), then a trip to the beach for bowling (via Joe's flat).

The bowling was good fun, with much alcohol consumption, my scoring a turkey and still failing to win a game, and Gaz's unusual bowling style. Had a few games of pool with Jon afterwards (had to win that, obviously).

Next stop was Archie Simpson's (back in the city centre) for a fine haggis, neeps and tatties (my second helping in a week, but I felt the need to assert some scottishness among so many border-jumpers). By this time it must have been around 7pm, and there wasn't any danger of the drink flow ceasing. There were a couple of Liverpool supporters in our crowd, so we all headed on to Stadio to watch them play Watford. Some more drink helped pass the time until about 10pm, when I left the group to meet Keith and Pete in Slains, but made the schoolboy error of telling the others where I was going - they joined us in Slains about half an hour later.

So by now I've been drinking since midday with no real pacing involved (besides having to walk between venues), so when I went to the toilet at one point I was a bit unsteady on my feet. In fact I was all over the shop. So much so that on my way out I cracked my head off the corner of a wall. There was another guy in the loos so I thought "Play it cool, keep walking, act like it didn't happen", but had to turn back to the sinks when I realised my head was bleeding. Great stuff.

As an encore, Keith, Pete and I were heading to Moshulu (to discover it was closed) after Slains, and I'm told I said something along the lines of "Careful, it's slippy", before going my length and taking some skin off my hand. I'd say Windmill Brae is a pretty good street to have clubs on, as the bouncers can gauge how pissed you are by whether you make it to a club door on a wet night without injury.

We ended the night in Exodus, with me drinking water, watching a guy waste £20 on a bandit, and getting annoyed with the boys for continuing to drink when I was feeling tired.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stadio? Well at least it's closer than Scorio!

Told you this already but the quotes for the falling over incident were:
seeing you slip slightly
KG: "Careful now."
Stevo: "Down with sort of thing!"
cue multiple slips and slides before Stevo's feet fly up higher than his head.
:) :) ;)

2:00 am  

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