Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I Can Be Anything I Want To Be, Anything You Hate In Me Multiplied By 23

I have now been 23 for about an hour. My birthday snuck up on me a bit this year, what with my mum having a landmark birthday (that I won't qualify) just 4 days ago.

I've just returned from an enjoyable pub quiz at one of Aberdeen's Hog's Head pubs. Usually this is just Pete, Keith and myself, and usually we finish second last. This week, however, we enlisted the help of Al, Kim, Clay, Clay's wee brother David and his friend Paul. Our boosted numbers seemed to really improve our performance: we finished fourth last.

Anyway, in celebration of my ageing I've got two meals lined up for tomorrow (lunch with the parentals then dinner with Fiona), plus a night out with all that wish to join in on Saturday (venues tbc). The night out was originally going to be thrown open to my Glasgow-based friends, but I figured that gaining accommodation and transport for the weekend would be a lot to ask for a wee night out in Aberdeen. (Of course all Weegies are welcome to come up anytime!) Besides which I'll be back in Glasca on the 26th and hope to catch up with many people that weekend.

On another note, this is my first post on my new laptop. I talked myself into some new kit after a recent potential job offer and many successive Blue Screens Of Death lead me to think that my existing Acer was not up to what I was asking of it. So a bit of net shopping and some advice from Kostas led me to Dell's factory outlet - cheap systems at good specs. After a lot of trouble with the order process (Dell should shortly be receiving a formal complaint about this) I've ended up with a very nice, if quite large, laptop. I finally have enough disk space to house Windows, Linux and my music library, and enough speed to build apps in less than a minute. Very nice.

The laptop was a slightly early birthday present to myself, as was getting my marks for the first half of my masters (all very pleasing and beyond what I expected).

Back in the world of work, my course is still in part enjoyable. The lectures aren't all-enticing, especially since last week we were being taught Information Retrieval (the subject I have spent 2 Summers and my 4th year project working on). Our current assessment is to add recommendation solutions to an existing online shop, which is quite challenging since we are quite constricted in what we can do. At the same time it's a bit too constricting, since a bit more leeway would have allowed me to make far more elaborate and unusual solutions. I suppose that's getting us closer to real world tasks though.

Playlist: "Lullabies To Paralyze" by QOTSA. The soon to be released 4th album that I somehow have managed to hear on many ocassions recently. It is still Queens on top form, despite Nick's departure. Make sure you get it in 3 weeks time.


Anonymous Matt Gemmell said...

Happy Birthday dude! Crazy love and best wishes from all the Glasgow crew (especially us Summer folk). Have a great one. :)

7:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget that we got a number of answers of my sister too. She said she was getting a bit embarresed by Claire being very obvious about asking for them.

What's all this use of the word constrict ( plus ing or ed)? Is it the word of the moment or something?

11:36 am  

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