Friday, March 18, 2005

You Got A Killer App

It's been very quiet around here, and there's not much to report on, except that this is my first post from Linux. With a bit of help from Joe (well, a lot of help), I got Gentoo installed on my new laptop. This process involved wiping Windows and starting again, and this made me realise that Dell had neglected to send me an XP installation CD, even though it's part of my order.

This was not the first mistake Dell had made with my laptop order, so I phoned them up and complained about this and that I had twice sent complaints to them and not been given a response. I got the CD (plus 3 more I already had) sent out yesterday, and regarding the past complaints only wanted to know why I hadn't heard anything and if complaints submitted online fall into a black hole or actually appear in someone's inbox.

Dell managed to cost themselves a bit of cash by outsourcing their call centre to India: the guy I spoke to didn't understand my request and so I had to explain myself many times. Eventually he offered £50 to make up for the trouble. That was easy! Think I'll phone again next week! Though it's been a couple of days no and no sign of the money yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive had quite a few bits of trouble with the foreign call centres also, unfortunately ive never been offered £50, lucky bugger.

Good choice on the laptop - dell have an excellent linux following on thier lappys.

Colin "Mr Eggy"

8:04 pm  

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