Saturday, May 28, 2005

Close Yet Far

As if the stress of the group project wasn't enough, my exams started 11 days later. Eleven Days. I remember having 6 weeks to revise for my fourth year exams, and feeling like it was only just enough time to do everything I wanted to.

This is another way (there are many, far to many to get into) in which my course gets it wrong. The people taking the masters are all studying the same modules, and we can't study anything else (to my knowledge), so there's no chance of exam timetable conflicts with other modules. They could put our exams in September and no other department would be concerned. Instead, we get exams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of the same week, and get only 11 days (10 days when you count the hangover that has to come with the end of a module) to revise for them.

So I've had little time to get up to much other than work for the last month. I did get a chance to say goodbye to Claire last week though, as she's leaving for Canada for a year.

Yesterday was the last exam, and it finished at 11:30. 20 minutes later around 13 people from my course were all crammed into the Bobbin. A lot of us got food, and Gaz brought to the table a stupid amount of sauce packets, which were then used as ammo for aiming at pints for about 30 minutes. The loud "Oh"s and "Aww"s must have been confusing the people downstairs, but it's all fun and games until someone sabotages a brown sauce packet, causing it to burst open over Paul S.

Not much else to tell really. Went bowling at the beach, played pool and table football (I didn't do all that well at any of them), after which our group had dwindled to 5, so those that remained went to Chi for some quite expensive but very good chinese cuisine.

The group began to grow again afterwards at Slains, with Westhill kids joining in. After Slains came the Bassment and Moshulu. Stayed awake for 22 hours and had a drink in my hand for 14 of them. Slept for 5. I'm very tired! Just as well I have a week off to recover.

Much more to come I hope, including my new individual project idea (it's good, honest).


Blogger Stephen said...

I think scheduling of exams is just one more way those in power at different universities like to screw over students. If you're doing a Masters, they just kick you in the balls twice as hard.

Just about as bad was what they did to us at Glasgow. Even better was when I heard that they requested that Masters level exams be placed earlier in the exam timetable.

They were good enough to move RM&T to the Thursday of that week, and TiCS to the 24th of May after my initial email around all the important people such as Phil Gray, Myra, etc, which included the words "I'm not fucking happy about this".

Just goes to show, swearing gets results, kids.

(I believe Phil's wanting to 'post-mortem' this first MSci year with students and staff. This sounds like the ideal venue to reiterate my feelings about the exam timetable I was dealt.)

3:36 pm  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

They didn't even consider the clash with the Aussie Pink Floyd show. What were they thinking?

Just kidding. Hope going through exams yet again ends up being worth it!

I can remember the fear induced by assessment deadlines all piling up on each other in Glasgow, so it's nice to see Aberdeen are planning to alter our course so that modules run concurrently. Good good.

4:37 pm  

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