Saturday, May 28, 2005

Anti-Hoff Device

Tired of being hoffed all the time at work or uni? Or do you have a family member / friend / Gaz that is always getting hoffed? Then you need the USB Wireless Security Lock to lock your machine automatically when you move 2 metres away from it.

I can see this being a really useful thing to have, and to be left in your bag / jacket beside your laptop all day so it's actually just wasting cycles and interfering with Northsound Two.


Blogger Derek said...

I'll see your Hoff, and raise it a `touch kids'. God help he who doesn't lock his screen.

8:01 pm  
Anonymous Kostas said...

I can imagine a certain individual leaving it on the desk next to his oversized PDA, so we can pick it up and lock his machine for good. Ah, such good fun.

7:28 pm  

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