Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Beaten To It Again

I'm forever coming up with ideas for little apps/services that I want to write, but most are pretty poor or would only cater for a very small group of people, so I don't get very far with them. I'm also not all that imaginative which doesn't help much, so it's usually easier to find an idea implemented poorly somewhere then try to find ways to improve it.

Today I found a service that was just crying out to have been thought up by me eventually, only to find that it's already been done pretty well: Audioscrobbler. It plugs in to most media players and updates your profile with every song you play. I'm just waiting for my RSS feed of recently played tracks to come to life before adding it to the side bar of this site.

I'm sure if I'd thought of that first, it could be sitting among a pile of half-started projects including the Firefox English US -> English UK translation extension and the webmail backup tool.


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