Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stop The Bus

I have just returned from a long weekend in Leeds and Glasgow, watching Terrorvision's last ever concert and visiting friends.

It's only been a few months since I started getting back into Terrorvision's music (my iPod doing its best to help out here), and it's hard to see why I stopped listening to it. I guess it's because I only ever had taped copies of their albums off my sister's CDs, and I don't listen to tapes anymore. I only have 4 tapes that I actually keep in circulation since I don't have the albums in any other form.

Since Fiona's also a TV fan, she came with me to Edinburgh by train, which was quite a tiring trip in itself, with two oil execs sat beside us talking endlessly about everything and anything that came to mind, including spyware and microbiology. They got everything almost completely wrong and yet seemed so sure of themselves. Hopefully if I mention the "Godzilla browser" they'll find this page sometime soon and feel quite small!

In Edinburgh we met my sister and headed for Leeds by another train. The train switch was a bit hectic since the first train ran late and we had to run for the second one, only to find it hadn't arrived on time either. This scene was repeated in Newcastle getting to train number 3.

After 6 hours in transit we made it to Leeds, crashed for a bit in our hotel, got some food then headed to Leeds Uni Union for the concert. The union's in amongst the uni campus, which all looks very impressive and well-preserved, and the union itself was massive. Comparable in size to Aberdeen's music hall and very modern, with a basement area housing offices, a hairdressers and a retro shop (plus more I didn't see at a guess). I could imagine going to Leeds Uni would be pretty good, especially since the venue must attract a lot of big acts.

The concert itself was fantastic. I'd been a bit worried that after so long out of the picture the band had become stiff-jointed and mellow, but they were as lively and pumped up as ever. They really set the crowd on fire (except 3 gothed-up kids in front of us who were determined not to enjoy themselves) and made the whole trip worthwhile.

The 3 of us headed back to Glasgow the next day, and met Derek (former student-colleague) and his girlfriend Morag for drinks and pool. The next day Fiona and I met a friend of hers for coffee, then had lunch with her brother, Rachel and Craig (more CompSci students) in the Loft (very pricey unfortunately).

We'd left our trip back to Aberdeen unbooked so we could decide when to head back. When we did go, it was a 4 hour bus, stopping at every town/lamp-post on the way. Four hours on the winding coastal route, feeling every bend thanks to the huge lunch I didn't even try to finish, and listening to whining little brats - not the two babies on the bus, but the quines behind us that couldn't stand the thought of silence, or loved their own voices too much to stop talking/singing. This is what the iPod was invented for!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hold on a minute... Their last ever gig? I thought you said it was their reunion tour.

Got very confused when you mentioned Derek and his girlfriend... It's a different Derek!


12:07 pm  
Blogger Steven Morrison said...

It was a reunion tour, but they aren't hanging around as far as I know - 3 of the band members have other musical projects going now so it can't really happen.

12:56 pm  

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